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Tenor, (Drummer) Italian Culture Ambassador in the World and Record Producer.


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Stefano Secco soundtrack "Di quella pira" on "Baymax" 2022 new Sesaon

Stefano Secco "Addio fiorito asil" from Madama Butterfly 2022 recorded for Pentatone Records


Award Music Classic 2021 Arena Media Star

The Beniamino Gigli Award for International Career presented by the Finnish Association in collaboration with the Beniamino Gigli Association in Recanati

The Jussi Bioerling Prize presented by the Swedish Embassy

The Flaviano Labò Award given by the Labò family in Tabiano Terme

The Luigi Illica Prize delivered in Castell'Arquato in 2019

Also in July 2019, he had the honor of being awarded by the Institute for the study and promotion of Art and Culture I.S.P.A.C.

Honorary Member with the title of Ambassador of Culture.


Il Prigioniero by Dalla Piccola

Secco was particularly good at making the Gaoler seem so chilling during the ‘recognition scene’ when the Prisoner suddenly finds himself in the arms of the Grand Inquisitor and suddenly hears the voice of his fratello.

Secco è stato particolarmente bravo a far sembrare il carceriere così agghiacciante durante la "scena del riconoscimento", quando il prigioniero si ritrova improvvisamente tra le braccia del Grande Inquisitore e sente improvvisamente la voce di suo fratello.

Il Prigioniero by Dalla Piccola

Stefano Secco sang

the Gaoler/Grand Inquisitor with an

eerie lyricism; characterful enough, and his duet with Greene, where he describes the

ultimate victory of the rebels, was chilling.

Stefano Secco ha cantato Il Carceriere/Grande Inquisitore con un lirismo inquietante; abbastanza caratterizzato,

e il suo duetto con Greene,

dove descrive

la vittoria finale dei ribelli,

è stato agghiacciante

Montecarlo Fashion

Week 2022.

La 10ème édition de la Monte-Carlo Fashion Week, La Salle Garnier de l'Opéra de Monte-Carlo, lieu historique et magique ont ouvert le bal avec une collection inspirée du Fantôme de l'Opéra, dans l'esprit créatif de la marque de Federica Nardoni Spinetta, qui est également Présidente et Fondatrice de la Chambre Monégasque de la Mode et de la Fashion Week de Monte-Carlo. Le défilé a été sublimé par les chanteurs d'Opéra Stefano Secco et Sarah Punga. Le défilé, parrainé par S.A.S. la Princesse Charlene de Monaco, a vu la participation inédite de Gabriella, 7 ans, la sœur jumelle de Jacques de Monaco 2022

Stefano Secco’s Pinkerton is mostly successful: his arrogant disinterest at the beginning of the first act turns into something more ardently sincere in the “Vogliatemi bene” love duet (track 13). We hear his confidence wilt into cowardice in Act III.

Stefano Secco makes for a convincing Pinkerton: full of smarm and bluster that’s later eclipsed by a spinelessness that brings us to the opera’s tragic ending. His ringing tenor has a sweetness and charm to it that goes some way in explaining Pinkerton’s appeal.

"Chilling Lullaby" 2022 from "Il Prigioniero" by Dalla Piccola London symphony A.Pappano